The nature and scope of ACASU’s standards development activities are to develop educational standards and pedagogical tools for international schools and colleges. They will be related to the following categories: School governance structures; educational content and delivery; school operations; school culture; and quality improvement and maintenance plans. Standards will go through a process of ongoing evaluation and revision based on feedback from our clients and through systematic review processes entailing additional experts. ACASU will also provide evaluation, accreditation, and education training services for educational institutions through the use of pedagogical evaluation tools and processes for schools and colleges wishing to do so on a voluntary basis.

Our Mission
Endorse the highest quality education for students for lifetime achievement and service to others in a connected world.

ACASU is registered with both the United States Department of Justice and the United States of America Federal Trade Commission. Take a look at the National Archives entry here.

Lifetime Qualities of the alumni of the accredited schools

ACASU promotes school environments that enable students with Lifetime Qualities that lead to personal success and assist graduates in making the world a better place.

MORAL: Caring, Modest, Ethical, Respectful
THINKER: Knowledgeable, Inquirer, Curious
PRODUCTIVE: Achiever, Excellence Seeker
INNOVATIVE Problem solvers, Explorer
VISIONARY: Global citizen, Inclusive

The Value of American Commission of Accreditation for Schools and Universities (ACASU) 

Accreditation is a recognized status and a process used to promote high quality education and continuous improvement.  It is a level of prestige earned by a school or university that has met or exceeded set criteria of educational quality.

School and university accreditation has played a critical role in the exceptional record of accomplishments and the outstanding success seen in the American educational system.  Accreditation by ACASU offers your school or university many valuable benefits including:

  • Enhancing your school or university’s reputation and garnering the esteem of Americans.
  • Accreditation assures students and their families that your school or university meets American standards for high quality education.
  • Accreditation shows students and parents your school or university’s commitment to success and your ability to perform to high quality educational standards.
  • Accreditation shows your colleagues and the general public that your school or university has a genuine interest in institutional improvement
  • Accreditation sets your school or university apart as a leader among others.
  • ACASU accreditation provides you with a network of skilled professionals and resources to assist your school or university in successfully meeting your accreditation, enrollment, and college attainment goals.
  • ACASU accreditation affords you the ability to ensure that your standard operating procedures are compliant with U.S. international student regulations.
  • ACASU accreditation provides you a network of high quality schools, universities, and administrators from all around to world to learn from and to partner with in global activities.

To view a detailed list of standards, download the ACASU Rubric.