Is the culture student centered and inclusive?  Does the school culture enhance instruction?  Does the culture guide the growth of social/emotional aspects of students?  Do all stakeholders (in and out of school) have a voice?  Does the culture promote a growth mindset?

Safe and Positive Culture
The school should ensure a safe and positive culture that keeps students and employees free from safety or health risks and offers classroom environments that integrate social, emotional, and academic factors for effective learning.

Engagement of Stakeholders
The school should have effective communication approaches for engaging stakeholders in achieving the key strategies and major goals of the schools.

Extra-curricular Activities
The school should offer extra-curricular activities that play a key role in successful student learning and personal development.

Civic Involvement
The school should ensure that high-quality civic involvement practices are employed in every classroom and with all stakeholders throughout the school community.

Multicultural and Global Practices
The school should provide high quality cross-cultural learning that addresses diversity, global engagement, and social responsibility as a compelling school priority that helps students and school stakeholders engage the social, civic, and economic challenges of a diverse and unequal world.

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