Does your curriculum prepare students for future educational and job opportunities? Does your curriculum promote the development of the whole individual? Do you have systems to improve instruction?  Does the instruction allow for student exploration? 

Curriculum should provide an excellent learning experience that ensures all students benefit from a consistent, well-rounded, and subject/grade cohesive program of study.

All students should receive high-quality, technologically supported, culturally responsive, universal academic and behavioral instruction differentiated for student need and consistent with grade-level benchmarks and national standards.

School Performance
Schools should demonstrate a commitment to excellence. To fulfill this, schools should be accountable to high standards on many universal measures of school performance including student access, persistence, graduation, college enrollment, academic growth, and progress in closing the achievement gap.

Student Support Services
Schools should offer comprehensive student support services as resources to build the foundations for positive behavior, health and wellness, and sound academic performance.

Student Learning Assessment
Schools should have a formal complete student learning and performance process as well as ways to clarify expectations and performance criteria for students.

Faculty and Staff
Schools should have sufficient faculty and staff to support all programs and activities, a vigorous recruitment and retention plan for faculty and staff that provides additional dimensions to enhance the school’s programs and substantial professional development that is a vehicle for improvement in student learning.

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